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Where is the Baltimore City Council’s respect for the city voters? | GUEST COMMENTARY

By Anirban Basu

For The Baltimore Sun Dec 20, 2022 at 6:18 am

Watching the Baltimore City Council in recent weeks has been one part bemusement, one part insult. It is difficult to understand how a legislative body that fancies itself as the people’s representatives can be so divorced from the stated interests of the citizenry.

Perhaps one should establish the democratic baseline. On Nov. 8th, Baltimore City voters were asked to determine by referendum the appeal of a charter amendment that would establish term limits for the mayor, council president, City Council members, and city comptroller to no more than two consecutive full terms and no more than eight years in office during a 12-year period. This was Question K on the ballot. The Britannica Dictionary defines a referendum as “a public vote on a particular issue.” It is an exercise in voter choice.

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