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City residents oppose council’s pension ‘grab’ | READER COMMENTARY

For The Baltimore Sun

Dec 08, 2022

I would like to commend Mayor Brandon Scott for vetoing the brazen cash grab attempt by the self-serving members of the Baltimore City Council as they tried to fast-track passage of a bill making themselves eligible for a lifelong pension after only eight years of elected service rather than the previous 12 years (”Baltimore Council President Nick Mosby chides mayor over pension veto, says he won’t lead but would support an override attempt,” Dec. 5).

In his letter to the City Council explaining his veto, Mayor Scott credited the advice of his “expert agency heads” for helping him come to the only obvious decision possible on the flawed bill. We applaud the mayor for making the right decision for the city of Baltimore. However, we feel he has been remiss in failing to mention the overwhelming will of the people in Baltimore as he discusses his veto in media interviews in recent days.

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